We’re done!

It’s been a really fun project doing the Clear Simple Design re-brand. We’ve taken everything that we’ve learned over the past 1.5 years from our software engineering degree at university as well as all of the great design-industry blogs and put together a really striking and bold brand!

Using our branding software, we created a striking¬†yet simple logo that we felt was eye-catching and lively. The strong “Clear Simple Red” of the logo ¬†brings a bold splash of colour to letterheads, invoices, business cards and any situation where you are likely to encounter ‘white-space’.

We took a really similar approach to our re-brand and website re-work as we take with our clients when we’re helping them get set up with their own brand identity.

We started by asking ourselves the same sort of questions that we ask our clients:

  • What do we want our website to do?
  • What do we want our visitors to do?
  • What ‘tone of voice’ do we want speak in?
  • What features will our site need?
  • What information do we want to share?

And these questions really made up the basis for the work that we undertook on our re-design and we settled on a single ‘landing-page’ design all the sections, headers, links, menu items, bullet-points and iconography matching our ‘clear simple red’ logo creating a uniform yet vibrant look.

Once the landing-page was finished, we set to work building our ‘Start a project!’ form. One of the goals of our site is to gather the requirements that our visitors have and enable us to provide accurate quotes for the work that they want us to do. The Logo really shines again here as it’s a very ‘clean’ and ‘white-space’ page.

The site has been full search-engine optimized and boosted with performance-enhancing software to keep it running fast and secure. We’re really happy with the look, feel and tone of the site and we hope that you’re equally as impressed!

If you have a project in mind and would like to kickstart your own online brand, don’t hesitate to Start a project today!